“University Proceedings. Volga Region. Physical and Mathematical Sciences” №1, 2018 Contents

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Approximated methods for computation of singular and hypersingular integrals with rapidly oscillating kernels


E.G. Zhuravleva

New inversion formulas for the integral transformations of Laplace, Weierstrass and Mellin


V.G.Sharmin, D.V.Sharmin

Properties of the spherical image of a spatial strip in Е4


B.F.Mel'nikov, M.A.Trenina,
A. S.Kochergin

An approach to improving algorithms for computing distances between DNA chains (by the example of the Needleman – Wunsch algorithm)


N.G.Taktarov, N.A.Khramova,
O. A. Runova

Translational-oscillatory motion of a spherical porous body in a viscous fluid


E.Yu. Smol'kin, M.O. Snegur

A numerical research of a proper wave spectrum of an anisotropic dielectric waveguide


A. A. Demin, V. V. Machulis

On a method of Lyapunov quantities computation for some Lienard systems


I. V. Boykov, V. A. Esaf'eva,
P. V. Aykashev

On building of quadrature and cubature formulas for computing of hyper-singular integrals





V. V. Evstifeev, N. V. Kostina

Scattering of positive ions by the surface of condensed media


V. M. Zhuravlev

Soliton solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger-type equations and functional substitutions


M.Yu. Zakharchenko, 
Yu.F. Zakharchenko

Optimization of electron - electromagnetic field interactions in the resonator interaction gap through extendingthe drift tube hole’s diameter



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